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Hey guys,

I’ve been doing a styling course for a while, it took me longer than I wish to complete it with all that life has been throwing at me – you know – pregnancy,baby, search for a house, banks, mortgages, the big move, travels and generally everyday life and…breathe.

Anyways, I’m nearly there. I’ve worked hard to get here and I’m really looking forward to making this my new career as I love styling in all its aspects. I am currently working on my portfolio. This is a thorough process and in order to get great results I need to first find that team of talented people to work with – such as a photographer, make up artist. I have a model so far so I am on the lookout for creatives in the above mentioned fields. If you are interested and based in Dublin please email me.

For now,however,I have done some personal styling. My friend kindly agreed to be styled by me. As she is a stay at home mum she has specific requirements when it comes to her clothes. They need to be practical so that she can run around after her busy toddler yet still look pretty. Another of her requirements was to have a few garments for occasional  drinks and dining and light socializing.

So, what does this styling involve, you ask? Well, we did a colour analysis on her to determine which colour palette suits her the best and which colours should be avoided. We assessed her body type and went through what sort of clothes would make her look the best she can and which ones to be avoided. We raided her wardrobe and discarded the items that didn’t fit anymore, were wrong for her body type or were simply outdated. We talked about what she wanted to achieve and how she would like to feel at the end of the styling process.

Each person is different with different tastes so the outcome of each styling session is obviously as varied as it can be expected but as long as your client is happy and feeling revived and confident at the end of it then this is all that matters.The budget was restricted, as it was merely a favor so I’ve concentrated in showing her a few tricks as to how by changing just the shoes and adding a scarf where needed you can achieve a day look and then easily transform it into a dressier one. I also explained how to mix and match items so that she never feels like she has nothing to wear or not feel pretty when she wears it. We went through the secrets of building a successful wardrobe, the items that make the bone of it and the extras that add the oomph when needed.She also got written reports with all the useful information that she needs in order to be able to look beautiful day in day out. And bonus, I did some virtual shopping for her and ocmpiled a visual reference of items that will work well on her and showed a few ways of combining them.

I’ll show you some before and afters and if you care please leave a message at the end.I’d really appreciate it.So, here goes.


just notice how shoes affect the whole look

just notice how shoes affect the whole look

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Met Gala 2015

Babies are like a black hole for your spare time and since having another one last year I honestly don’t know where the last two years went. Although much has changed Im looking forward to blogging again as well as sharing some of my work,so,please stay tuned.

Today,however,the first post after such a long time of absence is about the best and worst dresses I disliked from the Met Gala.  As usually for me it’s not about the dresses only – it’s about the whole look, the little details that make or break the image. This is what sets good styling from the bad one. Each lady that made it to the best dressed list nailed the look perfectly well, whereas the worst dressed ones screwed up in my view on many levels

Best Dressed

bestdrssed                                                             Worst dressed

worstimages via

Resort 2014 Collection

These evenings were mostly spent browsing through the Resort 2014 Collections on – liking looks, analysing shapes and textures, enjoying minimalistic colour palettes, hating patterns, dismissing entire collections in certain cases. I have pinned a lot of the ones I liked onto my pinterest. However, for this post I had to downsize it to my most favourites – it’s mostly things I could see myself wearing and would love to have in my wardrobe without any second thoughts. A girl can dream!

Loved the collection in general but these two looks from 10 Crosby Derek Lam are so so nice.

10 Crosby Derek Lam10 Crosby Derek LamI love the simplicity of this Giulietta look. A great summer outfit.931096a25e4152ecb635774898248957Another cute casual summer outfit I’d like from Adam Lippes 

201af6816e6fd2c7c1d49f691b6a4594One of the few patterned outfits that stood out for me. It’s Stella McCartney after all.

686133034729224a2f4573170028f1f7I adored the Sass & Bide Collection but these have to be the ones I loved the most. It screams summer and parties to me.7131515ae3317e7ddffc04a4da827cd69b1cbe82850bb044402d395eff7abdeb9062893837c232a578a8d3931ea8c5e6Really love these looks from Jason Wu.Jason WuJSON wUJason WuAnd if there’s a more formal affair where an evening dress is required I’d love any of these. Aren’t they simply stunning?

A white dream from Zimmermann

83e090b27c1672cacfcfee525c98c4fcAnd another white stunner from Honor Resort 2014

5a5d713c6833f7bfb3d2e59246672322I had trouble choosing out the evening dresses from the Valentino collection, they are all simply amazing. This pink masterpiece is just breathtaking.3c49fd8ea130cd4de3ec6fe8f9838addAnd I also loved this exquisite Valentino dress. Do check the whole collection however, it’s to die for.6338a930c845c53c73891f7e84c09790

Orange and white

If you are in Dublin and haven’t visited the Farmleigh gardens yet, I highly recommend it. Rarely do you see such glorious flowers as over there, plus it must be one of the loveliest way to spend an afternoon with a little picnic. (as we did today)

I have tons of pictures but I’m really taken by these ones. Just take a look at these perfect tulips, they were twice the size of your average tulip and smelled just divine. Summer is near.

by acoomstudioby acoomstudiotulips by acoomstudioby acoomstudioby acoomstudioby acoomstudioby acoomstudio

A herd of deer

Here in Ireland, when you leave your house to go for a morning walk and the sun is shining it is considered a great day, but, when out of the blue,  you also meet a huge herd of deer in you local park it can be nothing but a marvellous day. Here’s what I’ve seen today. Cool, right?

151011971413 17

56 portraits

Since my holiday break I didn’t post any pictures within the 56 portraits – which is series of portraits of my son, posted once a week, every week. I did however kept taking them. So, here are the portraits taken over these last weeks.

Danny never ever sleeps during the day so to take a picture of him sleeping, while the sun is shining, is a true gem. I should mention,however, this one was taken on the plane, after being woken up in the middle of the night for a long flight. Regardless of that, this is still something very unusual for him.

d10 (1024x681)With his favourite cousin, Laura.d4 (1024x725)Riding his bike on the road where his grandparents live.

d5 (1024x681)On way back home.40 (1024x681)

With his favourite toyd6 (1024x663)And losing the second toothd8 (1024x710)

Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2013 lookbook

I happened upon the very theatrical Spring 2013 lookbook by the talented Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko and I love it. I have previously seen the  collection, which I liked, but it didn’t impress me as much as her debut collection, which appealed to me more possibly because of her reference  to hers ( and mine for that matter) Soviet roots . Her interpretation was so inspired and unique at the time that I can still remember being totally in love with certain looks.

This new collection is gorgeous as well but not as breathtaking for me, however, I feel differently about the lookbook. I am not sure what I love more about it – the looks or the setting – which is apparently the beautiful interior of the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris. What I do appreciate, besides Ulyana’s obvious talent,  is the styling work that went into it and the work of the photographer. I find the whole package very successful and pleasing to the eyes, don’t you?





4_29images via buro 24/7



Back home

Major news, exciting times. I’m going back home tomorrow to visit my parents and family and my best friends. I feel great going back to my roots, I love my time there, I fill myself with positive energy from the people I love and the places I know so well. Can’t wait!

I’ve created the poster below based on an old picture taken in the 1980’s (around the time I was born) of the town I was born and lived in for most of my life before I moved to Ireland. The original, as well as many great pictures of an era long gone can be found here .

All roads lead back home - by Acoom StudioOriginal image (before processing) used with the kind permission of


I’m in love with the feeling these pictures evoke. I love the light, the softness of it, the colours, the interior, the styling. Just love everything about them not to mention the beautiful Valentino dresses. Perfection.valentino valentino images by gian paolo barbieri for vogue italia march 2013 // via this is glamorous